About Us


About Us

At Daisy G’s we love our Sonoran Desert home.  We cherish our independence.  Our freedom.  And our active, healthy lifestyle.

We believe in a world where traffic jams don’t exist, people exist in harmony with nature, and kindness is a way of life.  We find nothing more enjoyable than sharing a glass of wine at sunset after a long day of hiking or bike riding.

We love our sunshine, but we also understand that our harsh climate can be tough on skin.  Our products are designed to gently clean without drying, moisturize without tackiness and to leave your skin soft, supple and refreshed all day, every day.

We invite you to kick off your shoes, put on some sunglasses, and see for yourself the difference that Daisy G’s can bring to your skin!


Our Story

Daisy G’s is the seedling of my mom, Valerie Gray.  A former tax accountant, Valerie was studying Dietetics at ASU when she discovered soapmaking in an organic chemistry class.  Not content to just make a bar or two and call it good, she began experimenting with the hopes of making the perfect bar of soap.

Like so many desert dwellers, Valerie’s skin had become dry and flaky after moving to Arizona, and she struggled to find skincare products that would provide relief.  In 2013, armed with a great soap recipe and a solid background in chemistry, she established Daisy G’s.

In 2016, I began assisting my mom with the business. It began as wrapping soap. Quickly I learned and discovered I love making soap. My passion has always been baking and cooking. Much like baking, you follow a recipe, make sure you have your chemical reactions calculated correctly, scale ingredients and add them in a specific order. 

In 2023, my mom, Valerie, retired for a second time and left the desert to travel the world. She is the founder and creator of Daisy G’s and I will continue to produce the amazing products you have grown to love. 

We are still a family owned and operated business.  Our product line has expanded to include soap, lotions, creams, bath bombs and laundry products.  Each of our products is specifically formulated to work well in our desert home.


Our Ingredients and Products

All of our ingredients are carefully selected to be safe, effective, and as natural as possible.  We do not use animal fats, oils from genetically modified plants, palm oil or premade bases.
  • Safe: We thoroughly research each ingredient to review any scientific research reports, consumer agency reports, cosmetic testing results and environmental impact studies.  Our goal is to do no harm to our customers, or to the environment.
  • Effective: We don’t add tiny bits of a trendy ingredient simply for label appeal.  Each of our ingredients is carefully chosen to bring a positive benefit to the product as a whole.  Our products are carefully tested to ensure that each one is effective for its intended use.
  • As natural as possible: We love natural skincare products, but sometimes a safe synthetic ingredient will be both safer and more effective.  We define “natural” to be one step of processing away from nature, such as an essential oil that is distilled from raw plant material.  We will never label a product as “natural”  a product containing natural ingredients that have been processed using multiple steps during the manufacturing process.
  • No Animal Fats: Our products do not contain lard or tallow, however we do sometimes use honey or goat milk sourced from local growers.  Products containing the “Vegan” tag contain no ingredients the either directly or indirectly contain animal sourced ingredients.
  • No GMO’s: We do not use ingredients that are derived from plants that have been genetically modified.  This means NO SOY derived ingredients.
  • No Palm Oil: Our soaps and lotions are made with lovely oils that have no controversial environmental planting or harvesting practices.
  • No Premade Bases: We prefer our own skincare creations over a mass produced base.  Just like we prefer cookies that are made from scratch over cookies from a boxed mix.

Giving Back

We regularly support our local community by giving back to small community based charities and organizations.  Here are some of our most recent partners:

Barn Buddies 4H:  County Fair Sponsorship 2017-2018, 2018-2019, 2019-2020, 2020-2021, 2021-2022, 2022-2023

COMMUNITY ACTION PROGRAM OFFICES | Maricopa County, AZ: Wickenburg, AZ Soap Donation 2022

André House of Arizona – A House of Hospitality (andrehouse.org): Soap Donation 2020

Desert Labrador RescueCorks and Collars Raffle Items 2018

Camp Patrick (for children with spina bifida):  Raffle Basket 2018

San Diego Freedom Ranch  (Residential Addiction Treatment Center): Our usable but “ugly” soap 2016-2018