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Lip Balm


Are you tired of lip balms that don’t last?  Use them once, and your lips feel dry again within an hour.  We hate it when that happens.

Daisy G’s lip balms are formulated in the Southwest, with heavy duty moisture for our extra dry climate.  To create the ultimate lip balm we use a combination of lightweight penetrating oils and thick protective butters to work in synergy to keep your lips moisturized all day.  Additionally, our lip balms are free of any petroleum products.

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Pure Essential Oils


Pure essential oil to naturally scent your laundry soap or wool dryer balls.  Our .4 oz bottles contain enough essential oil to scent over 100 loads of laundry.  Use 1-3 drops per dryer ball, refresh as needed.  May also be used directly in laundry soap at the rate of 1/2 – 1 tsp per jar.

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Travel Kit – Guest Amenities


Our handy dandy travel kits include all of the travel necessities to maintain soft and moisturized skin while away from home.  Conveniently packaged in a clear pouch with airplane friendly sized creams to minimize your security wait time and maximize your luggage space.

Our travel kits make the perfect welcome gift for your out of town guests, wedding guests, business associates or corporate clients.  We offer a discounted price on orders of 10 or more kits with our choice of a favorite Daisy G soap.  Contact us for details.

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Unscented Soap with Goat Milk


If you are looking for a natural soap for sensitive skin, this is the one to choose!  Daisy G’s natural unscented soap with goat milk is made with pure, fresh goat milk.  Each bar is handcrafted with no added color or fragrance, and absolutely no unnecessary additives to irritate the skin.  Many of our customers have allergies or sensitivities to fragrance or certain chemicals, and this is the soap they trust to clean without any harsh chemicals or additives.  We use whole, fresh goat’s milk locally sourced in Arizona.  This gentle, creamy soap may be used on the face, hands, and body.


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Massage Oil


A good massage oil reduces friction and helps the hands easily glide over the skin without drag.  After the massage the oil should leave the skin soft and silky without a hint of greasiness.  Our base oils, almond and jojoba, are specifically selected for glide and non-greasiness.  We offer two exclusive essential oil blends that combine with our base oils to provide specific benefits.

“Ease” combines rosemary, eucalyptus and peppermint and is best suited to use after a workout or a hard day at work.

“Relax” combines lavender and other essential oils and is best suited to use before sleep.

Both of our mixtures are packaged in easy to use bottles with caps that allow for dispensing small amounts of oil to reduce waste.

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Natural Laundry System


Our complete laundry system includes:

One stain stick for removing tough stains from all machine washable fabrics.
One quart of unscented laundry butter, 64 load capacity.  Add $1 for scented.
Three wool dryer balls, never buy fabric softener again.
Your choice of one .4 oz bottle of pure essential oil.

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