Patchouli Soap


Patchouli lovers unite!  If you love patchouli as much as we do you will adore our handcrafted Patchouli Soap.  We use pure, dark Indonesian patchouli oil, undiluted with other fragrances or essential oils to create this skin loving soap that is vegan and palm free.  Patchouli is an earthy and musky fragrance, exotic and sensual, and we love it. At Daisy G’s we know that some of you may not understand, and that’s OK.  We make no apologies, and for those that don’t love patchouli we make lots of other soaps for you to enjoy.

To extend your enjoyment of our patchouli soap we invite you to pair it with our moisturizing Jojoba and Shea Hand and Body Lotion, available in Patchouli (essential oil) Scent.

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