Charcoal Soap


Even in the driest climate skin can be oily, and during hot weather excess sebum can mix with sweat to become very uncomfortable.  At Daisy G’s we only offer one soap for oily skin, but what a great soap it is!  Activated charcoal is highly absorbent, and makes a useful addition for cleansing and removing excess sebum from oily or troubled skin.  We also add lavender and tea tree essential oils to help the skin appear smooth and fresh without worry.

For t-zone oiliness on the face we recommend washing 2-4 times weekly with charcoal soap to thoroughly remove excess oil without over drying sensitive facial skin.  For general cleansing of oily skin we recommend once daily use.  Our charcoal soap will ensure that excess oils and sebum are safely removed without over-drying skin.  For acne prone skin we encourage gently washing skin without vigorous scrubbing.


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