Father’s Day Soap – Molasses and Bay Rum

Mother’s day is behind us and I survived the rush… between the perfect weather, the holiday, and the fact that our Uptown Farmer’s Market was named one of the top 50 farmer’s markets in the nation it was a VERY good week for me!

So, now the attention turns to Dad. Mr G. loves his Molasses and Bay Rum shaving soap, and has been anxiously awaiting the bar soap to match… and now he has it! (Well, after it’s fully cured that is).

Not only is this a really great smelling soap, it was a fun one to make, so I thought I’d share the process here on my blog. I started knowing that I wanted the Molasses and Bay Rum coloring and fragrance, but I also wanted a little pop to this soap. My favorite brown colorant for soap is cocoa powder, which not only colors the soap a rich, dark, chocolaty brown but also adds antioxidants and magnesium.


The first step in making this soap was to make a small batch of cocoa brown soap, then cut it into cubes to mix with the main batter. Then the main batter was mixed, and a little bit of molasses was swirled in for color and big fluffy bubbly lather. I swirled in a little more molasses on top, well just because.

Looks like chunky chocolate pie, right?
Looks like chunky chocolate pie, right?

After a night’s rest under a towel, the soap was cut into slices.

Slice me straight please :)
Slice me straight please 🙂

I love the look of this soap, just like chocolate chunk cookies!

Cut and Ready for Cure

A little trimming, and this one’s ready and waiting for Father’s Day!

Molasses and Bay Rum soap, ready for Father's Day!
Molasses and Bay Rum soap, ready for Father’s Day!

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