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Skincare Fact vs. Fiction Day 1 – Should I Worry about Chemicals Absorbed Through my Skin?

In this first day of our five day series on Skincare Fact vs. Fiction we are examining the common claim that 60% of all “toxic chemicals” applied to the skin are absorbed into the skin within 28 seconds (or many similar variations).  In reality this is simply not true. Our skin is a remarkable barrier […]

Making Castile Soap / Using Our New Custom Molds

The soap business has been going well, and the soap molds we’ve been using for the past 3 years have become a little small… so a couple days ago the UPS driver delivered 4 beautiful custom slab molds and one handy-dandy log splitter!  After extensive research we selected For Craft’s Sake, a small business in Minnesota, to […]

Daisy G’s Introductory Blog

OK, it’s my first blog… so where to start?  I’ve never written a blog, so forgive me if I’m doing this all wrong.  Let me start by introducing myself, and a little bit about why I started Daisy G’s. About me…. Hmm.  My name is Valerie Gray.  I’m a former violin teacher, seamstress, accountant and […]