Daisy G’s Introductory Blog

OK, it’s my first blog… so where to start?  I’ve never written a blog, so forgive me if I’m doing this all wrong.  Let me start by introducing myself, and a little bit about why I started Daisy G’s.

About me…. Hmm.  My name is Valerie Gray.  I’m a former violin teacher, seamstress, accountant and property appraiser.  I have degrees in Accounting and Nutrition, and a strong interest in wellness, travel, science and the outdoors.  I’m a mother, grandmother, wife and woman, fierce and caring, independent and curious.  I became interested in soapmaking through my studies in chemistry, biology and nutrition.  After discovering the many benefits of handcrafted soaps I began to view skincare as a specialty field of nutrition rather than a matter of beautification.

So, there you have it.  Our skin is our largest organ, and our first line of defense against disease, toxins and all other dangers in our environment.  We feed our skin from inside with healthy foods, lots of fluids and sleep.  In the harsh environment of the Sonoran desert we must also care for our skin from the outside through gentle cleansing, moisturizing and exfoliating.

Daisy G’s is dedicated to providing safe, gentle and effective skincare products that are well suited to harsh weather conditions.  We carefully select our ingredients to be effective rather than expensive, functional rather than trendy.

I invite you to explore our website at www.daisygsoaps.com, try our products, and give us your feedback.

Welcome to Daisy G’s