New Beginnings..

Today marks the day for a new start for the business. My mom, Valerie Gray, has turned over the reins and left me in charge. All the decisions, product production, and sales are completely dependent on me. A few years ago, when my mom and I first discussed the idea of me taking over the business seems like a lifetime ago. The past year has quickly disappeared and here I am now, running the business.

Many of you have met me at Uptown Farmer’s Market. For those of you who have not, my name is Teresa Williams. I live in Morristown, AZ with my husband and kids. We have a lot of animals including goats, chickens, ducks, tilapia, dogs, cats, and rabbits. My youngest kids are members of a local 4-H which helps the Wickenburg community by doing fundraisers and food drives. I have a two daughters in the navy. One is stationed in San Diego, CA and the other is stationed in Everett, WA. Another daughter is attending the University of Oregon and another daughter attending a local trade school for dental assistants.

For the last 7 years, I have been working with my mom. At first, it started as something to do to get me out of the house. Learning the basics and the tedious tasks such as wrapping and labeling soap. I expressed interest in learning how to make soap and my mom was thrilled to teach me. It wasn’t long until I was weighing the oils and measuring the sodium hydroxide to create my own signature soaps.

As for the future, for now I plan on keeping everything the same with Daisy G’s until I get used to handling everything on my own. In a few months, I hope to formulate some new recipes including a liquid concentrated household cleaner and possibly some face masks. I am excited to see where the path ahead leads. Here is to the next chapter of Daisy G’s Soaps!